Light Diesel Oil

Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is a type of fuel derived from crude oil and is commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. It falls under the category of middle distillate fuels, positioned between heavy fuel oils and kerosene. LDO is characterized by its relatively lower density and viscosity compared to heavier fuels, making it more suitable for certain equipment and engines.

Due to its lower sulphur content, LDO produces fewer harmful emissions when burned, making it an environmentally favourable choice in certain situations. It finds applications in industrial processes like boilers, furnaces, and small-scale power generators.

Light Diesel Oil falls under class C category fuel having flash point above 66OC. It is a blend of distillate components and a small number of residual components.

Light Diesel Oil
Used :
  • Industrial Boilers: LDO is commonly used as a fuel in industrial boilers for generating steam or hot water. Its stable combustion characteristics make it suitable for providing heat in manufacturing processes.
  • Furnaces: LDO is utilized in industrial furnaces to provide high temperatures required for processes like melting metals, glass production, and heat treatment.
  • Power Generation: In regions where access to higher-grade diesel or natural gas is limited, LDO is used in small-scale power generators to produce electricity.
  • Agriculture: LDO is used in agricultural applications, such as operating irrigation pumps and machinery in rural areas where electricity supply may be inadequate.
  • Backup Power: LDO is employed as a backup fuel for emergency generators in case of power outages or in remote locations where other energy sources are unavailable.
  • Heating Applications: LDO is used in space heaters and residential heating systems, particularly in areas where other fuel options are limited.
  • Marine Sector: Some marine engines, particularly older vessels, use LDO as fuel for propulsion and power generation.